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Jun 03, 2013

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Marilyn_Carpenter_315_304.jpgThis is to test if the ProBlog acts the same on this site as it does on the other site.  I bet it will!!

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The economic vitality of our country is built upon the pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our organization, Ventureprise™, works to ensure that innovators and entrepreneurs can find great success in one of America’s most dynamic regions, Charlotte USA.

Welcome to our Ventureprise Vibe blog! As a long-time jazz lover, I know that a good vibe depends on musicians, audience and venue. The musicians must have something worth saying…and the technical chops to play it. The audience needs to be receptive to the music, ready to hear something new and willing to respond. Whether in a small club or a magnificent concert hall, magic happens when the vibe is right.

Without stretching the analogy to the breaking point, let me suggest that this blog will work to be the venue that creates the right vibe between all of our participants.

My team and our guest writers will bring information and insight relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship policy and practice. We will do our best to have the “technical chops” meaning substantive, fact-based commentary. We will work to avoid repeating vague generalities, but seek to bring new and challenging insight.

In turn, we invite your response and improvisation on the information we offer. In the jazz tradition, we hope that you will listen to us, turn our comments inside out and build a whole new level of insight.

Our focus will be on Charlotte and the surrounding counties in North and South Carolina (our economic development colleagues have somewhat grandly dubbed this “Charlotte USA”). As a graduate student decades ago, I experienced Charlotte through a summer job. When I returned five years ago, I found that the forward-looking, but quiet city that I experienced had blossomed into a “New South” sophisticated dynamo.

Ventureprise Vibe will aim to address how this booming region can build the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem that will support the new ventures that generate tremendous positive impact for our community and the world. We will look for the best public policies and interpret how they might be adapted to our situation.

Ventureprise Vibe will bring useful, practical guidance to our inventors, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. There are many great sources for this information. We will feature the best insights from local experts, and we will adapt national expertise to address regional needs.

We invite you to contribute to a positive Ventureprise Vibe by joining us regularly, responding and building upon our voices. You will hear from me, my colleagues, and our insightful guest writers Allan Bacon, Lori Collins, Henry Doss, Jim Van Fleet and Patrick McLean.

We invite your comments and questions as we work together to build a vibrant entrepreneurial scene here in the beautiful, booming Charlotte region. Let the music begin!

- Paul Wetenhall, President, Ventureprise, Inc.

About Ventureprise Vibe™

Ventureprise Vibe is the blog of Ventureprise, Inc., a public-private non-profit organization affiliated with UNC Charlotte. We intend to strengthen the Charlotte region’s entrepreneurial and innovation capability by addressing policy and practice. Ventureprise Vibe seeks to create an informed conversation among Charlotte USA leaders in business, government, and higher education to support the creation of a strong and adaptive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. Ventureprise Vibe will help our region’s researchers, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneur increase their effectiveness by sharing local expert insights and interpreting global best practices for our region. Information that can positively affect job and wealth creation by Charlotte’s innovation-based entrepreneurs will be the focus of Ventureprise Vibe. Ventureprise is a trademark of Ventureprise, Inc.

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